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Due to the generosity of several of our returning BDA Solvency Immersion Conference registrants and participants, we are happy to offer full conference scholarships for at least 10, perhaps more, debtors seeking recovery from compulsive debting, with an emphasis on full immersion in the DA and BDA program. Solvency first, Steps second, everything else third or later. We offer one scholarship per debtor per lifetime.

Before requesting a scholarship, please check out the orientation document and recording and the survey report from the conference cycle just ended; all three are available at the bottom of this page. Next, please see the rest of the pages on our website, using our site map, to see if the BDA Solvency Immersion Conference is something you might be interested in committing 6-10 hours per week to for the next six months.

If you do decide to request a scholarship, please send a request email to and answer the following questions:

Are you solvent now or are you willing to claim your first day in the BDA Solvency Immersion Conference as your solvency date, then do everything you can to protect your solvency for at least the next six months, but hopefully much longer?

Are you ready to surrender, to take the Steps, and to build or to rebuild your relationship with a Higher Power with an emphasis on money and debt?


If a sponsor is not available, and they're often not, are you willing to be led through the Steps and the workshop materials by a more experienced DA and BDA member who has already done the work of this conference, sharing their experience, strength, and hope as a Step guide?


Our focus is 100% on recovery from debting with money plus taking our spiritual lives to our businesses and jobs in our solvency. Although we may discuss ways to earn what we're worth, to better use our time, and to properly fund our futures, our emphasis on solvency and recovering from debting with money will remain steadfast. Are you willing to join us in this "singleness of purpose" for six months, leaving out all other money-, time-, earning-, and income-related programs and services when you're with us?

We practice all of our 36 principles, 24 tools, and 12 promises to the best of our ability. We particularly ask all of our conference registrants to participate in maintaining our unity and common welfare (Tradition 1), following our group conscience decisions as an expression of our Higher Power's will for us (Tradition 2), and protecting our singleness of purpose (Tradition 3). We follow all of the Steps and Traditions, and we have found these first three Traditions especially imperative to the well-being of the conference and its participants. Are you willing to follow the Traditions with us, including following the guidance of our steering committee, who are our primary leaders for the conference?


The conference includes: two-hour workshops, plus one-hour After Party, every Saturday; one-hour Fellowship Drop-In every Wednesday; plus the time it will take to take the Steps with a Step guide or sponsor and (ideally) to build a relationship with a Study Buddy, separate from the Step guide. (Or your DA or BDA sponsor if you have one who's willing to take you through the workshop materials over the course of six months.) The conference is ultimately a 6-10 hour commitment every week for six months. Have you checked your calendar? Are you available on Saturdays AND Wednesdays for the whole six-month conference cycle? Are you committed to sticking with this conference, no matter what, for six months?

Please do not submit your scholarship request, nor answer "yes" to these questions lightly. If you take a scholarship and quit later, you will have deprived someone else of a chance to recover. Harming others in this way is neither solvent nor recovered behavior. 


Also remember that these scholarships are being funded personally by solvent BDA members; please approach this recovery opportunity with as much gratitude and intentionality as possible.


Having said all that, if you're ready for a new life, we hope you decide to request a scholarship! And please feel encouraged to share this information with your friends, fellows, and groups.

2023_12_19 - BDA Solvency Immersion Conference - Orientation (v3).jpg

This is an 8-page orientation document. Please click on the image above or here to download the full pdf version.

If you can't or won't agree to the terms described, this is not the best or right recovery resource for you.

2023_12_12 - BDA Conference Survey Report (cycle two 2023).jpg

Click on the image above to open a pdf of the complete feedback report for the second cycle of 2023.

There are seven more survey reports available on our feedback page. We've been providing this service since January 2020.

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