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Do You Ever Feel Adrift in the Universe?

We meet for two hours every Saturday — starting at 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern — plus a 45-minute After Party 

$180 contributions for 6-month registrations. $60 for six months for members who can't afford the full contribution request.

See our flyer, calendar, summary workshop format, and overview for our current and / or next conference cycle.

Many participants will use these workshops as studies, most will take the Steps, all will learn and grow together ... 

Review conference survey reports to see what previous participants have had to say about their experiences with us.

We request a generous registration contribution within your means; if you have no means, we have scholarships ... 

Please be clear that these are not DA or BDA meetings. This is a six-month planned, structured, and closely moderated 26-part recovery event, with a suggested 7th Tradition contribution.

If you are looking for a DA or BDA meeting, please click here for a meeting schedule.

Registration is now OPEN for the July through December 2024 
BDA Solvency Immersion Conference

Payments we receive from our fellow DA and BDA members are contributions, not fees. 
By group conscience, we neither offer nor provide refunds. 

For those who can afford to contribute our full registration request, please send $180 t to begin the registration process. 
We are no longer accepting payment plans. Please put the BDA Solvency Immersion Conference in your spending plan and join us when you can.

If you want to contribute MORE THAN $180, out of generosity and gratitude, please do. We will happily put those extra funds to use in providing free conference-approved literature to anyone who asks and providing outreach to our fellow debtors.

For anyone, but especially for newcomers to DA and BDA — we consider those in their first two years of solvency in DA and BDA to be newcomers — who find the registration request above beyond your resources, please send a one-time contribution of $60  to to begin the registration process. No need to ask permission.

If even $60 is beyond your resources, we do have scholarships available
We offer one scholarship per debtor per lifetime. Scholarship contributions are welcome via $60 will pay for a full scholarship for a fellow recovering debtor.

We want to support, encourage, and welcome everyone as you begin or continue the process of claiming and maintaining your solvency and of immersing
yourself in the experience of your recovery from debting.


For information about "where the money goes," please visit our treasury reports, our service goals, our free literature page, and our outreach actions page.

No DA or BDA member has ever been paid to provide service by our group (see Traditions 7, 8, and 9). We are BDA members helping BDA members ... and DA members too. 

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